Monday, April 26, 2010

Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Stolarz

Some secrets shouldn't be kept...

Until three months ago, everything in sixteen-year-old Camelia's life had been fairly ordinary: decent grades, an okay relationship with her parents, and a pretty cook part-time job at the art studio downtown. But when a mysterious boy named Ben starts junior year at her high school, Camelia's life becomes anything but ordinary.

Rumored to be somehow responsible for his ex-girlfriend's accidental death, Ben is immediately ostracized by everyone on campus. Except for Camelia. She's reluctant to believe he's trouble, even when her friends try to convince her otherwise. Instead, she's inexplicably drawn to Ben...and to his touch. But soon, Camelia is receiving eerie phone calls and strange packages with threatening notes. Ben insists she is in danger, and that he can help--but can he be trusted? She knows he's hiding something...but he's not the only one with a secret.

Read the book? Please post a comment and tell us what you thought!


  1. OMG!!!! This book is so good! I just finished reading it. I started it and i couldn't put it down. Which isn't good because i didin't pay attention to anything around me and when my parents asked me to do something it took me forever to get it done.

  2. What did you like about it? Was it the characters, the story, or just everything together?

  3. I liked everything about it.I usually stayed up late reading it when everone else was asleep and I would here a noise and look right at the window like somebody was there(I like to really get into my books). I really liked the character Ben cause it seemed as if everything that happened in the book was his fault and how he kept to himself but when he first met camelia he came into the world more. So it was a very different book from what I like to read but i liked a lot=)

  4. I also enjoyed reading the book. Lots of suspense and a little romance thrown in for good balance. I think the author tries to make you suspect Ben, which usually means he's the most innocent. But still--it's hard to say that for certain through the book.

    You probably don't want to miss out on the second book of the Touch novels--Deadly Little Lies!